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Sync your Gmail / Google Apps, Android or iPhone®
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Sync your communications. Get a relationships dashboard.

Have your contacts automatically sorted and suggested by syncing your emails and mobile phone.

Unified contact history

All your interactions with any person, from email or mobile, are in one single place. It's finally easy for you to find anyone and know when you last talked.

Automatic suggestions and reports

Stay on top of your contacts more efficiently, with less effort. With weekly suggestions and reports, you'll never forget anyone again.


How Contact Guru makes your life easier



Catch up instantly on who to contact by opening up the Radar. The automatic suggestions are like a To-Do list that keeps itself updated. If someone needs your attention, they're probably on the Radar.


Create reusable introduction emails and fire them away to new contacts in a couple of clicks. That's all it takes to replace all the homework associated with following up with new leads, while reaping all the rewards.


Are you keeping pace or are you communicating less? Did you concentrate on the right people? What can you do better? Get all the answers with a simple look at your Reports.

Contact history

Save time by having your contacts unified and sorted automatically for you. You don't even have to import or create them: Contact Guru deduces who they are from your communications.

Gmail and Google Apps

Sync up to 5 email accounts and start getting immediate returns from the simple features of Contact Guru. If you need support for another platform or more accounts, just let us know.

Android & iPhone®

We are pleased to offer limited support for phone calls and messages on Android and iPhone® (via Mac®). Contact Guru will take your mobile communications into account and make your life even easier.



What Contact Guru can do for you

"The centralized relationships history comes in very handy and saves me a lot of time." — Annes Alex Org, Freelance Online Marketer
"It gives insights about your habits, makes you more efficient and you never forget anyone again. Totally worth it!" — Paulo Fonseca, Freelance UX Designer
"I use Contact Guru to keep up with my follow-ups. It really helps with my sales." — José Simões, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobitto
"I get lot of value from the "reply to" and "follow up" suggestions. I keep my network more active and stimulate my business." — Hugo Castro, Co-Founder of Venture FC

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